About Us

Exclusive representative of Bulgarian Rose factory, Karlovo town 


1948     - Establishing factory "Bulgarian Rose" in the city of Karlovo

1950     - Production of rose oil, absolute, essential oils and concretes 

1960     - Construction of production facility "SYNTHESE"
             - Construction of a production facility for aromatic compositions for soap, detergents and other cleaning products 

1970     - Integrating production of natural rose water and lavender alcohol.
             - Integrating production of aromatic compositions for toothpaste.
             - Integrating production of tobacco sauces and aromatic tobacco compositions.
             - Merging the factories in Karlovo, Kazanlak, Plovdiv Gorna Oryahovica and Shumen under the "Bulgarian Rose"


1980     - Integrating production of phyto-shampoos.


1997     - "Bulgarian Rose" is privatized and transformed into a shareholding structure. 

2000     - Integrating production of cosmetic products. 

2001     - ISO 9000 which corresponds to model ISO 9001:2008